Community Accountability Within People of Color Progressive Movements

2004 Report from INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence


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This report is generated from a two-day meeting held in Seattle February 7 – 8, 2004 by an ad-hoc INCITE! Community Accountability in Organizations Working Group. This group specifically gathered to address gender oppression including patriarchical political and work environments, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and sexual assault committed against women/girls/women-identified persons of color within progressive, radical and revolutionary people of color organizations and movement.

Goals of this report:

  • Demand that our progressive, radical, and revolutionary people of color organizations and movements take collective responsibility to address and end patriarchy and gender oppression in all of its forms.

  • Develop community accountability politics, principles, processes and practices around issues of gender oppression, abuse and violence (and which can extend beyond gender to address other forms of oppression).

  • Develop community accountability principles and practices which strengthen our resistance to the criminal justice system.

  • Integrate gender analysis with an analysis of other systems of oppression, i.e., class, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, education, national origin, religion, physical and mental ability/disability, immigration status, language and other factors and extend community accountability politics, principles, process and practices to address and end other forms of abuse and violence.

  • Create new liberatory politics, practices, and politics to unlearn patriarchy, end gender oppression and promote social justice and liberation for all of us.

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